Why people have the wrong perspective on social sciene?

Living in the family with consistent success in the science stream jobs makes me the one that had been looked down for choosing the course. Even when I excel in it, they don't seem to care at all. How disappointing and depressing when you did not get the support you need. I am guessing it is because they are not used to have someone in the family take a different route. It's like driving a car and you take a different road and still reached the same destination.

For 3 years, I endure pain and agony in taking a course that made me had suicidal thoughts for almost every day. Because when you have to do something you hate, it is really difficult to endure it. Fortunately, I have faith and belief that taking your own life is not the way to solve things in life.

Up until now, I am still afraid to confess out my real feelings towards my family. The misunderstanding is till ongoing. I can't figure out on what kind of method I need to get things straight with them. Hopefully someday, I will be able to solve this problem.