Book Review: The Cassandra Compact

Yesterday, I've finally finished reading this book. I am not a big fan of sci-fi but since this book sort of relates to what actually is happening right now, i am kind of absorb into it very quickly. The main character Dr Jon Smith is really a very inspiring man. He is very brave and smart. I wish I can be as brave as him. The starting is a bit melancholic meaning it has a very somber mood but as we read more, we find that some of the conflicts that was experienced by the characters, fraud, deceit, cruelty, and conspiracy. Somehow, it shows us how we can be blind by the perfection a person has because perfection never cease to exists. The reason why? We can alter this human made records and data.

Think about it, even a student myself; i find people who cheats, and elope from doing their work. all they can ever think is their own benefits and they take things really easily. I don't know how they were able to score in the end but when working as a group they truly feel no responsibility in doing it. Sorry for the ranting because it's just something i want to share. Live your life to the fullest, not taking it for granted.


Have you ever felt like waking up in the morning feeling sleepy and lazy to go to work or class? Like yourself telling you don't go and just continue your slumber? Don't you want waking up feeling fresh and energetic to start your day? Here are some few tips if you want to start your day feeling refresh and happy to start working:

Don't eat dinner right before bed: As the digestion process takes a while, avoid going to bed right after dinner. Try and leave a few hours in between your last meal and your bedtime. Also, avoid ingesting caffeine, sugar, or chocolate. They may upset your intestines in such a way that you will have a very light sleep that doesn't recharge you at all.

Sleep environment: Your sleeping environment needs to be of refreshing and recharging nature. The quality of air you breathe in your sleep is far more important than most people realize. Bad quality air can lead to headaches, stuffy noses etc. Leave the window a little bit open. This will allow poisonous carbon dioxide to float away and let new oxygen to float in. It is also important to find a balance between clothes and bed cover so that your body temperature remains consistent and you do not feel too hot or cold. Also, invest in a mattress and pillow that suit your comfort needs.

Go to bed early: If you want to get up earlier, you have to go to bed earlier. The benefit to waking up early is that you'll perform better and be more alert at the time of day that you need to be.

Deep breathing: Clear your mind before falling asleep. Practice some deep breathing techniques and if you can spend a few minutes meditating you'll have maximum results.

Go to the toilet: Your kidneys continue to work when you are asleep and by the morning your bladder will be full. If your bladder fills up early, you might feel the need to go during the night and this disturbs your sleep. Therefore, it is important to go to the toilet before sleep even if you feel no need.

Get enough sleep: Allow enough time to get the amount of sleep your body needs. The average recommended amount of sleep is 6-8 hrs but everyone is different. Notice the difference between six and eight hours of sleep and how it affects you. Know how much you need.

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This are just some certain things that I do to get enough energy to start my day. Accept for not taking any dinner before bed. Most of the time I will be able to wake up early and have a good source of energy all day.